I am Marja. I love creating weird, vibrant and dreamy designs. My work inspired by a vivid dream life, interest in science and nature and travelling the world.

My design process can get quite messy at times, but often that’s the most fun. There is no exact formula, but lots of experimenting involving photography, drawing, painting and digital manipulation.

My background is in home textile and fashion accessory design and manufacture. I’ve enjoyed arts and crafts since childhood. I love sewing and am lucky to have been able to visit fabric shops and markets around the world and engaged in projects with local tailors.

When I am not working on new designs, I would like to be travelling, swimming, walking in nature or contemplating life and reason. I am known to be a bit of a daydreamer and happily withdraw into my inner world from which intriguing ideas spring, where the mind can drift over dreamy landscapes and dwell in the abyssal abundance.
Designing isn’t only about making new designs. Experiments, adventures and dreams should be realised in all areas of life, woven together to create a rich and interesting journey. This is something I aspire to and I am looking for ways to encourage others with.

If you are looking for art services or wish to view my existing designs available for licensing or purchase, please get in touch. I’d love to hear about your project!

Thank you for visiting.